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Know Thy Customer

Course stresses knowing the psychological and emotional needs of the customer

Juler Group Accelerated High Performance Marketing & Sales Training

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Training Superstars

Superstar sellers use a toolbox of skills that enable them to excel.

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Sales & Marketing Bootcamps

Juler Group Sales and Marketing Performance trainers drive home the fundamentals of selling and marketing processes in a total preparation training that gives sales and marketing professionals pragmatic tools and solutions enabling accelerated performance. Professionals shall gain new and valuable knowledge and skills, and discover hidden talents or challenges, and create new proficiencies to enable high performance sales and marketing.

During our intense training courses sales and marketing professionals will learn about and test understanding in the following areas:

    Time Management.
    Territory Planning.
    Account Management.
    Selling Process.
    Closing Process.
    Bundling Strategies.
    Marketing Interface.
    Clear Communication.
    Presentation Skills.
    First Impressions.

    Understanding the Market.
    Understanding the Customer.
    Customer Communication.
    Questions & Answers.
    Marketing Process.
    Marketing Metrics.
    Lead Generation & Conversion.
    Awareness & Credibility.
    Selling Tools.
    The Sales Interface.

Juler Group training offers in class training that is complimented with online support and accelerated performance communications. Contact Juler Group regarding the Accelerated Performance Training and Support Package today.

Contact Juler Group regarding Accelerated Performance Training.