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Leadership training course travels the road of the humble servant breaking the bonds of control

Juler Group Leadership Excellence Institute

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Training Innovation

Robert Juler delivers cross-cultural leadership short seminar.

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Leadership Training

Juler Group Leadership Excellence Facilitators bring fresh insight to current and prospective organizational leaders through immersing candidates in total preparation training that culminates in the capstone 3-day immersion Bootcamp. Leaders and prospective leaders shall gain new and valuable knowledge and skills, and discover hidden talents or challenges, or create new proficiencies to enable high performance leadership.

During our intense training courses leaders will learn about and test understanding in the following areas:

    Leadership Styles & Types
    Laissez Faire.
    The Transformer.
    The Enforcer.
    The Dealer.
    The Administrator.
    The Visionary.
    The Entrepreneur.
    The Spinner.

    Leadership Foundations
    Understanding Purpose.
    Guiding Philosophies.
    Situational Awareness.
    Political Awareness.
    Gender Awareness.
    Cultural Awareness.
    Understanding People.

    Leadership Needs
    Understanding Excellence.
    Understanding Competence.
    Understanding Compassion.
    Understanding Over the Fire.

    Personal Insights
    Understanding Character.
    Understanding Humility.
    Understanding Honesty.
    Understanding Integrity.
    Understanding Trust.
    Understanding Confidence.
    Understanding Intelligence.

    The Incessant Communicator.
    Positive Persuasion Power.

    Leadership Tools
    Team Building.
    Consensus Building.
    Conflict Resolution.
    High Performance Metrics.
    Performance & Directives.
    Process Mapping.
    Gap Analysis.
    Contingency Planning.

The successful leadership candidates complete the course work they will demonstrate their new found knowledge and skills during four intensive written examinations and four workshops. The candidates then fight through the Bootcamp and cap it off with a oral dissertation and presentation. Tough is just the beginning.

Leadership Bootcamp

Juler Group Leadership Bootcamp candidates participate in an intense 3-day total preparation immersion that results in newly discovered personal insights, new leadership tools, a finely tuned sense of direction and purpose, a rejuvenated and fresh spirit and a ground thumping 100-day Action Plan.

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Ethics & Integrity Training

Juler Group Occupational Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Risk Control Group creates cost-effective high competency training solutions that:

  • Personal Ethics
  • Personal Integrity Quotient
  • Legal Ethics
  • Compliance Issues
  • International Ethics
  • Code of Conduct
  • Diversity, Affirmative Action & Disbilities
  • Harassment & Workplace Violence
  • Incident Reporting
  • Whistleblower Protection
  • Insider Trading

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