Extreme Hazard Spotlight
Crab Fisherman

Taking a closer look at extreme hazards while crab fishing during Bering Sea Storms.

Juler Group Accelerated High Performance Safety Training

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Training Emergency Responders

Emergency Responders use a toolbox of skills that enable them to adapt and win.

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High Hazard Training

Juler Group High Hazard Training Team delivers hazard critical information in a total preparation training that gives safety professionals pragmatic tools and solutions enabling extreme performance.

During our intense training courses safety professionals will learn about and test understanding in the following areas:

    Risk Assessment.
    Hazard Analysis.
    Hazard Critical Issues.
    High Hazards (HH).
    Process Focus.
    Clear Communication.

    Response Planning.
    Hazard Strategies.
    Team Planning.
    Team Dynamics.
    Response Tools.
    Extreme Surprises.

Juler Group training offers in class training that is complimented with online support and accelerated performance communications. Contact Juler Group regarding the Extreme Performance High Hazard Training and Support Package today.

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