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Industrial Hygiene - Vibration

Vibration hazards are common in many industries and the cost to business should not be ignored. Vibration syndromes result in reduced productivity due to the following:

  • Whole Body Muscle Fatigue and Weakness
  • Severe Arm and Shoulder Pain
  • Dead-Finger and Dead-Hand
  • Blanch-Finger - numbness with Thermal Trigger

Physical Agent Hazards are a Business Liability!

Juler Group Physical Agent hazard assessment is performed using the TOUQAM© process. We provide the employer with risk ratings on each physical agent and a monitoring strategy & plan for:

  • Comprehensive Whole Body Vibration Exposure Assessments
  • Hand-Arm Vibration Exposure Assessments

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Thermal, Ultrasound & Barometric

Physical Agent hazards are common across industries a represent

  • Work Planning, Situational Awareness and Readiness Programs
  • Thermal-Heat: Heatstroke, Heat Exhaustion, Heat Cramps, Heat Rash
  • Thermal-Cold: Hypothermia
  • Ultrasound - Air & Liquid
  • Barometric - Hypobaric (e.g. Benign Acute Mountain Sickness in Rescue Personnel)
  • Barometric - Hyperbaric (e.g. Decompression Sickness in Divers)

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Industrial Hygiene Capabilities Brochure (pdf)