Hazard Assessments &
Job Safety Analysis

JSA without JHA?
The requirements for a proper JSA.

JSA's without comprehensive Hazard Assessment result in disaster.

Juler Group Hazard Assessment Services

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Hazard Assessments & Job Safety Analysis

Juler Group quickly brings your production and service operations into competent compliance.

Hazard Assessment - Comprehensive.

It is only through comprehensive Hazard Assessment that competent Job Safety Analysis can be developed. A complete hazard assessment should review the following:

  • Process Mapping
  • Task Mapping
  • Chemical & Biological QAM
  • Physical Agent QAM (Noise/Radiation/Thermal/Ultrasound/Vibration)
  • Situation & Area Review
  • Procedures & Instructions Review
  • Policy Review

Job Safety Analysis - Forward Looking.

The forward looking JSA is a result combining the comprehensive Hazard Assessment and industry-wide best practices. A compliant JSA may lead to the determination of the correct Personal Protective Equipment but may not lead to an understanding of the risks and their appropriate mitigation and response measures. It is only after the comprehensive hazard assessment process for an individual job task and its inter-relatedness within the entire operation are coupled that a productive profitable life-saving JSA can be developed. Juler Group JHA/JSA process objective is "Competence" where compliance objectives achieved, competence and risk control are included.

No better process exists!

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Communications & Training

Juler Group JHA/JSA process results in communication and training tools that enable employers to continue risk mitigation and control by employees well after the initial push is complete.

  • Zone & Hazard Maps
  • JSA Posters
  • JSA Risk Control Toolbox & Email
  • Employee I.D. Attainment Level
  • Classroom Kickoff Training
  • CBT On-Going Training & Assessment
  • Crisis Management

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