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Juler Group has added LEED expertise and capability.

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Juler Group offers total Industrial Hygiene Solutions from inception and planning, to monitoring, training and legal defense. Our Certified professionals, pump-jockeys and outsourced labor deliver low cost value added results.

Exposure Assessment

Exposure Assessments, Sampling and Monitoring, Cost Savings.

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Noise Assessment

SLM Surveys, TWA Dosimetry, Contour Mapping, Octave Band Analysis, Engineering Controls.

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Air Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality, PBZ & Source Monitoring, Process Streams & Hazardous Waste

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Surface Monitoring

Dermal Absorption and Ingestion Risk Mitigation of Toxics, Hazardous Materials, Terrorism.

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Security, Safety, Monitoring & Detection, Emergency Response, DOT and Audit.

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WBV & HAV Exposure Assessment and Mitigation. ANSI, ACGIH, NIOSH and EUDirectives.

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Job Hazard Assessment
Job Safety Analysis

Hazard Analysis for JHA and JSA.

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