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Juler Group Occupational Health and Safety professionals focus on creating and protecting the value of your organization by providing pragmatic risk control services. Our focus in industrial hygiene follows a systematic and reproducible process that is coupled with tenacious onsite observation.

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Industrial Hygiene Specialists find working at Juler Group quite challenging by engaging in complex monitoring projects in diverse industries such as rocket engine design and testing, oil drilling and exploration, biotechnology and various city, state and federal work.

The Juler Group Industrial Hygiene process follows a rigorous methodology beginning with an extensive hazard assessment to determine all potential exposure agents. This includes a complete chemical inventory and analysis of all feedstocks, by-products, end products and waste streams. Once all agents have been identified they are entered in to our proprietary qualitative assessment tool that results in a comprehensive risk profile of the agents that enable our industrial hygienists to develop a sound and economical sampling plan. This process has resulted in over thirty percent savings to our clients because it does not take a common approach of sampling all agents whether or not the process shows a concentration and duration profile dictating this strategy. Once the agents have been sampled the results are entered into our assessment tool resulting in a complete risk profile of potential exposure agents.

Juler Group IH specialists become experts at process mapping and work flow understanding since this knowledge is required for the risk assessment. Furthermore, during the sampling events our specialists never leave the immediate vicinity of sampling to ensure the equipment and media perform as expected. They will also note and changes to process or task in order to make real-time adjustments to sampling tactics. In other words, we get down and dirty to take the right samples and to make sure the data is good.

Juler Group IH Specialists must have great attention to detail, have great endurance, and not be afraid to go where the customer goes. We look forward to adding new IH specialists to our team!

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