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Juler Group Competency Training Resource

Juler Group's energy industry team is creating and protecting the value of organizations through providing pragmatic risk mitigation and control. Specialty areas include Competency Training, Operator Certification Training, Process Safety Management (PSM), Surface Wellhead Hazard Management, Offshore Drilling and Exploration Safety, Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism (CFAT), Environmental Risk Management Plans (RMP), Threat & Survivability Assessment and Physical Security, Enterprise Risk Management Systems, Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Safety.

This web resource is focused on our collateral and downloads elaborating on Juler Group competency training processes. Please take a look at the collateral pieces and process outlines available for you immediate download.

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High Pressure Test Technician Competency Training

Juler Group competency training team has developed competency training programs for hydrostatic pressure test technician that perform hydro-testing on platforms ranging from 500psi to 65,000psi. These platforms include new product integrity testing, wellhead tree and subassembly testing, service center component and subassembly refurbishment, and customer location based testing. Current competency training program development projects include hydrostatic and pneumatic testing operations on well control devices, natural gas pipelines, mobile offshore units, and other fabricated pressure components.

Juler Group has developed a competency training series that ensures the pressure test technician knows, understands and can apply basic principles throughout the pressure testing process. The major elements in the competency training series are outlined below.

Pressure Testing Competency Series - Standard Modules
  1. Introduction to Integrity Testing & Standards in the Energy Industry: Technical, TQM and Customer Requirements
  2. Introduction to Process Mapping, and Hazard Assessment & Control
  3. Introduction to Static Fluids
  4. Introduction to Hydrostatic & Pneumatic Pressure Testing
  5. Introduction to High Pressure Testing Safety

These standard competency modules are then coupled with customer specific, application focused training modules to complete the coursework required.

Pressure Testing Competency Series - Customer Application Specific Modules
  1. Dependent upon the number of pressure testing applications.

The pressure testing competency candidate then proceeds through as series of assessments, and online interactive learning elements during their apprenticeship portion of the competency training series. Once the candidate successfully completes all assessor reviewed assessments a summary assessment is performed by Juler Group and a Pressure Test Technician Certification is awarded.

If you have any comments or questions please contact us at 512.346.4800 or fill out the information request at the link below.

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The following documents are premium content from Juler Group Incorporated and may be accessed by password. Please contact Robert Juler at 512.346.4800 ext. 701 or at 281.436.7316.

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