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More than 100 OSHA standards contain requirements for worker training to reduce the risk of injury, death and disease. These requirements may be found in the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administrations (OSHA) publication titled “Training Requirements in OSHA Standards and Training Guidelines” (OSHA 2254). This training, referred to as compliance training, is often designed to address the minimum adherence to the regulation with no intent of learning new skills and best practices. Contrary to popular belief, this was not the intention of the Department of Labor, yet market forces have manipulated the directive in this manner, resulting in training products that barely satisfy the regulatory criteria.

Organizations must consider moving beyond minimum compliance to training that really pays!

To address this challenge we must first recognize that most companies view this compliance training as a "have to" with little or no redeeming quality other than satisfying a regulation that provides no payback. Because of this viewpoint, organizations source training providers that minimize employee time away from work, and place minimal demand on trainees for achieving challenging objectives. In other words, the only concern is "checking the box." Furthermore, employers rarely audit the rigor of the training; only whether the provider hits all the required elements. Let's face it, virtually all training providers meet the minimum training requirements set forth by OSHA - not a high mark. As a result of this nonchalant attitude toward training delivery, providers keep class time short, deliver reduced content, carry out weak practical evaluations, and generally waste an employers money.

In our experience, employers underestimate the payback value of training!

An organization must move beyond minimal compliance training to training that pays by giving the trainee newly found competencies based upon best practices and lessons learned, refreshed skills, renewed attitudes, and where individuals are:

  • Productivity focused
  • Efficiency focused
  • Competitively focused
  • Safety focused

Management must begin to think about "compliance and safety" training as gaining competitive advantage. Gaining competitive advantage means that an individual is more knowledgeable and can take this knowledge in the form of information, concepts and facts and apply them to their advantage, in all situations. This gives the indivdual the ability to:

  • Make Faster Decisions with Greater Accuracy & Precision
  • Apply New Behaviors to Overcome Deficiencies
  • Reduce Loss while Increasing Gains

When these training objectives are included in compliance training the result is a more competitive work force that safely drives business results.

At Juler Group, our training philosophy demands a rigorous approach to both the development of standard and custom training to the delivery of highly relevant and interactive course, even for basic compliance courses. Our motto for training is:

We Do Not Relieve You of Your Requirement to Think!

Our training team suggest a recipe for designing a training program that blends essential compliance elements, best practices, lessons learned and industry case studies. They are now shaped into a highly interactive reality based course with scenario evaluation and feedback segments. Add to this an introduction to Situational Awareness skills that enable individuals to react and adapt to environments with rapidly changing conditions. Then we purposefully add information and skills that are focused on employee motivation, productivity, efficiency and competitive edge. The training course has now moved beyond minimal compliance to training that pays!

At Juler Group we think that if you think your the best then we treat you like it! And don't forget:

We Do Not Relieve You of Your Requirement to Think!

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