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Case Study in TQM.

Internal application of TQM system to Juler Group product delivery.

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TQM Document

Juler Group Statement of Total Quality Management Document.

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Total Quality Management

Juler Group stives to contiuously improve its performance regarding client relations, product delivery, product value, internal process, marketing and financial management. To achieve a balanced TQM System Juler Group does not set unrealistic expectations, or ascribe to a quick-fix mentality. Neither do we allow competition from other paradigms detour us from utilizing TQM to move forward.

Our TQM process starts with our clients and investors where constant communication regarding their needs and wants drives our priority list for TQM improvements. The process we follow remains simple and crosses functional boundaries.

TQM Process at Juler Group

  • Quality Income Statement - Tracking Benefits from Implementation
  • Client Needs Assessment
  • Corporate Capabilities Assessment
  • Employee Capabilities Assessment
  • Product Delivery Gap Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Assessment, Improvement & Stabilization
  • Benchmarking & Audit
  • Communication

We have practiced and improved our TQM System since our inception. Please take a moment to review our TQM Statement, TQM Process Map, and review a TQM application brief.