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Wind Energy Innovation
HSE Management in Wind Energy - unique challenges demand innovation.

Wind Energy development requires broad perspective on life-cycle HSE Management.

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Innovation at Juler Group

Innovation at Juler Group is a closely guarded business process that has yielded exceptional benefits for our clients and our investors.

Juler Group converges best practices from a various industries and disciplines on an international scale. Best practices borrowed from the veteran Oil and Gas Industry now provides a framework to the young and expanding Wind Energy Industry. Best practice convergence results in unique long lasting solutions that meet our clients challenges.

Characteristics of Innovation

  • Philosophy of Valueing Creativity and Idea Generation
  • Total Systems and Solutions Approach
  • Structured Approach to Identification, Screening and Execution
  • Alignment of Processes to Customer Needs
  • Cross-Industry Best Practices
  • Cross-Discipline Best Practices
  • Technology Focus
  • Global International Focus
  • Connecting the Dots

Juler Group professionals strive to innovate in all areas of service to our clients. In our efforts at providing value added solutions to our clients we search the globe for insightful and unique ways to create value.

For example, adapting a competency based training program outline from the Australian Oil and Gas Industry provided a fresh perspective on the elements required to ensure competency for the technicians in an American organization. The new format took HSE management beyond "the way things always have been done" to one that was more comprehensive and assured management that qualification and certification of technicians was complete. The global best practice was adopted across training programs placing the client at the leading edge.

Innovation Plus Program

Juler Group principals are at the forefront of innovation in risk management, and to this end we have developed the INNOVATION PLUS PROGRAM. This program is designed for organizations that want to move beyond merely compliance and enhance all activities with goals of increasing competence and increasing loss control capabilities in all functional disciplines. The total solutions approach; compliance, competence, control. Contact Juler Group for more information regarding the INNOVATION PLUS PROGRAM for your organization.