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New Drone Service

Drones Improve Safety

Juler Group offers Unmanned Aerial Drone Services to improve safety and operational excellence. We use drones to monitor and map dynamic hazards for real-time safety performance. We also use drones to carry out visual asset monitoring, and security. Many other uses for the HSE and Security professional are proving a cost effective way to improve compliance and reduce loss.

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Silica & Beryllium

3 Ways to Reduce Silica Exposure

Silica is a Hidden Killer! Silica is found in many materials including polymers, insulating materials, concrete, and many others. It is part of many occupational activities, for example, the recent focus on silica exposure in upstream wellhead completions and hydraulic fracturing highlights the fact that exposures may be completely uncontrolled. The HSE manager can start with three simple steps to ensure compliance to the new regulation.

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Energy - Hydraulic Fracturing

Hidden Hazards of Hydraulic Fracturing

During the well stimulation and completion process hydraulic fracturing is used to improve an oil & gas wells' productivity and economics. During this process many potential hazards exist and prudent risk management is needed to mitigate these risks, to protect employees, and to protect the community.

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HSE Focus

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Chemical Risk Assessment

Analysis Tool Saves Money

Stricter standards for Silica, Hexavalent Chromium, Beryllium and OSHA annotated PELs demand a systematic and reproducible approach for compliance. The first step is to complete the QAM Tool using the qualitative assessment mode. This provides HSE staff with a documented and validated monitoring strategy for industrial hygiene and environmental regulations. The QAM is then used in quantative mode to prove exposure profiles (PELs and ALs).

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Training that Changes Behavior

Empower Employees with Interactive Training

Changing organizational culture, and improving operational excellence demands that training is carried out to very high standards. Training must certainly adhere to federal standards to check the box, but this strategy does not change culture or improve excellence. In other words, checking the box on compliance training offers zero competitive advantage, and does not effect change one iota. Trainers have an ETHICAL DUTY to provide relevant and interactive workplace specific training, even for the mundane topics. To change culture and improve excellence HSE managers must stop wasting money by just checking a box. Call JGI today at 1.800.698.2826 to schedule training today.

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