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Nanotechnology - NanoParticles

Nanotechnology and engineered nanoparticles (ENP) are being used in automotive, subsea energy protective coatings & composites, biotechnology, pharmaceutical drug delivery, and many other applications. The HSE manager must understand the need for risk assessment of these ENP's to keep employees and the environment safe.

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Drones (UAV/UGV)

The inspection, monitoring, and security sectors are increasingly relying on the use of remotely piloted aerial and ground vehicles (i.e., drones) to perform fit-for-service inspections, air sampling, decommissioning, mapping, and remote security.

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Energy - Hydraulic Fracturing

During the well stimulation and completion process hydraulic fracturing is used to improve an oil & gas wells' productivity and economics. During this process many potential hazards exist and prudent risk management is needed to mitigate these risks and to protect employees and the community.

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Green Energy - Wind Power

The Wind Energy sector presents unique challenges to the HSE manager. From remote rescue at extreme height in confined spaces to highly hazardous turbine manufacturing the HSE manager must plan risk control activities with a fresh view.

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Safety Management Systems

Integrating Risk Assessment

A safety management systems' four pillars of policy, assessment and control, promotion and assurance. rely on information inputs that can only be provided by proper risk assessment. Stricter standards for Hexavalent Chromium, Beryllium and OSHA annotated PELs demand a systematic and reproducible approach for all hazardous agents. Learn more about a method that provides sequential data for efficient management in an SMS. Call JGI today at 1.800.698.2826 to discuss your risk assessment needs.

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Ethical Training Required

Training is an Ethical Duty!

Operational excellence demands that training providers perform to very high standards for their clients. Training must adhere to federal standards in Confined Space Entry and Rescue, Mobile Crane, Rigging, Hydrogen Sulfide, Emergency Response, and others. Trainers must adhere to the letter and spirit of the law, and must carry out their ETHICAL DUTY to provide relevant and workplace specific training. Call JGI today at 1.800.698.2826 to schedule training today.

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Gas Detection by Drone

Gas detection has long been used to qualify and quantify gas leaks from various process systems. New drone technology in both unmanned aerial and ground vehicles is enabling remote and safer detection than ever before.Call JGI today at 1.800.698.2826 schedule aerial services today.

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